Aluminum Continouse Casting Coil and Direct Casting

  • AlloyAA1100 AA1060 AA3003 AA5052
  • Temper O/F H14 H16 H18 H22 H24 H26 H32
  • PackagePallet
  • PortQingdao Tianjin
  • ApplicationBuilding,decoration,stamping circle etc

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Product Specification:
WIDTH: 30MM-1700MM
STANDARD: GB/T 17748-1999

In Europe aluminium experiences high rates of recycling, ranging from 42% of beverage cans, 85% of construction materials and 95% of transport vehicles.Recycled aluminium is known as secondary aluminium, but maintains the same physical properties as primary aluminium. Secondary aluminium is produced in a wide range of formats and is employed in 80% of alloy injections. Another important use is for extrusion.White dross from primary aluminium production and from secondary recycling operations still contains useful quantities of aluminium that can be extracted industrially.The process produces aluminium billets, together with a highly complex waste material. This waste is difficult to manage. It reacts with water, releasing a mixture of gases (including, among others, hydrogen, acetylene, and ammonia), which spontaneously ignites on contact with air;contact with damp air results in the release of copious quantities of ammonia gas. Despite these difficulties, the waste has found use as a filler in asphalt and concrete.

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