Aluminium Nose Wire

  • Alloy1060
  • TemperO, H,H4,H2
  • MOQ500KGS
  • PackagePallet /wooden box
  • PortQingdao Tianjin
  • Application Industry, for adiator, Electronic,Electric

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The Overview of Aluminium Nose Wire

The aluminium nose wire of the face mask supports the bridge of the nose and prevents dust from entering, which is usually used in surgical masks and a variety of protective masks. Aluminium nose wire is one of the common types.

With the feature of eco-friendliness, the product can be disposed of in an environmental way. Without external force rebound, it can maintain the original shape.

The specification of aluminium nose wire: Soft aluminium, 3mm-5mm width, 0.5-0.85mm thickness, can be packed with or without plastic spool.





The Specification of Full Aluminium Nose Strip